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Opponents of the Prime Minister of Armenia started a rally in Yerevan

Police officers and participants in the procession of supporters of the Armenian opposition in Yerevan. Archival photoYEREVAN, May 18. Opponents of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan are starting another rally in Yerevan, a RIA Novosti correspondent reports on Wednesday. Several thousand people gathered on France Square, which has become a kind of opposition headquarters. Hundreds of police officers are also on duty here, but they do not interfere in what is happening. actions of disobedience. Opposition supporters blocked the intersections, obstructing the passage of vehicles. The police did not have time to respond to all the actions that took place in different parts of the city. Often, by the time an impressive force of security forces arrived at the protest site, opposition supporters had time to regroup and move to a new point. In addition to the roads, the protesters blocked the work of the Yerevan metro for the first time since the beginning of the protests. They sat at the doors of the cars and did not allow the train to move. According to law enforcement agencies, more than 300 people were detained for participating in protests on Wednesday. Since April 25, the opposition has been holding protests throughout Armenia. The protesters are convinced that the policy of the authorities threatens the country with the loss of statehood.