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Millionaire in a dream crisis: how Zagitova monetizes her popularity

Anastasia PaninaReporter SportAll materialsAlina Zagitova accomplished the almost impossible – for some time after the Olympic gold, while continuing her sports career with victories, the figure skater became the most commercially successful Russian figure skater in history. Sport understands what makes it unique. Imagine that you are fifteen years old and you are already an Olympic champion. And then another world champion. In general, you collected all the existing figure skating titles before you had time to collect marks in the school certificate. A dream come true of Olympic gold inevitably turns into a dream crisis – no matter how old it comes true – but fifteen years add uncertainty. What are you dreaming about now? Aren't you ashamed to dream of something else? Why dream at all if everything important in life has already happened? To answer these questions for yourself, you need time, but in the training process it is not. There is only a skating rink, recovery and sleep. Not to reflection in big sport. The system is focused on the result, and the conveyor works non-stop. In Russia, a figure skater cannot afford to miss the season out of a desire to just relax – upon her return, even more than one rival will be in your place. And there is also a sense of responsibility and a feeling that you owe everything around you – the flag, the coach, the club, the federation, the family and the fans. Due for the contribution of resources, finances, time and adoration. Well, if all your merits in life at that moment fell on success in sports, and you still don’t know how to do anything else, it’s rather strange to refuse what brings success. Alina Zagitova did not refuse – after all, she is a disciplined athlete. In addition, her coach Eteri Tutberidze had a big dream – to have an adult champion. Alina's mission was to grow up and not lose her champion reputation.

Daniil Gleikhengauz, Alina Zagitova and Eteri Tutberidze Together with the gold medal of the Olympics, the athlete receives something like a package of securities – figuratively speaking, of course. He has the opportunity to convert the medal and his story into advertising contracts, promotion of personal social networks, invitations to the show. All this gives a chance to recoup the long-term expenses of parents, make good money right now and save a little for the future. Zagitova received the same “package” – all that remained was to properly dispose of it. But it was an almost impossible task for a figure skater continuing her sports career. Nevertheless, in terms of monetization of success, Alina has clearly surpassed her predecessors. The Sochi Olympic champion Adelina Sotnikova, apart from being an ambassador with Nike, did not receive major international advertising contracts, remaining somewhat in the shadow of another star of that Olympics, Yulia Lipnitskaya. Julia herself worked with the global Adidas, which was already a breakthrough, but, firstly, she sincerely avoided publicity and all events related to it, and secondly, she was too focused on continuing her career. That is, she gave it all her time, energy and even health.


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