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Russia should orient its economy to the East, says MGIMO professor

The MGIMO building in Moscow. Archive photoMOSCOW, May 19.In the next five years, Russia must reformat the economy and politics from West to East, rebuild the economy, and for this it has a lot of trump cards, said Andrey Bezrukov, President of the Association for the Export of Technological Sovereignty, Professor at the Department of Applied Analysis of International Problems at MGIMO. five years to very strongly reformat both the economy and our policy from West to East. We will have to rebuild the economy, of course, it will be mobilization, this is understandable, otherwise we simply will not survive, it will most likely be with elements of a planned economy,” Bezrukov said. during a round table of the Expert Institute for Social Research on the topic “The Future of Russia” at the MIA “Russia Today”.Bahrain is interested in increasing trade exchange with MoscowAccording to the expert, the next ten years, which will be accompanied by problems at the global level, Russia will be able to come out ahead in many ways. “To be honest, we have a lot of trump cards, imagine this period of several decades of perestroika world from one state to another, accompanied by conflicts, wars, famine, and so on, people will naturally, first of all, rely on basic principles, on the basic economy – to feed the people, secure the country, warm up – I'm talking about energy, provide supply chains, and Russia, fortunately, has all this,” Bezrukov said. He also noted that Russia is becoming a leading agricultural power and continues to be a leading energy power. “Eurasia will catch fire – it is very unstable now – and in the end we are already security exporter, and when we rebuild our economy now, of course, we will be exporters of technological security, information security, and so on, on an even larger scale,” Bezrukov said.Moscow will reorient oil and gas supplies to the East, the Foreign Ministry said


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