GENERICO.ruSportThe ex-player of “Zenith” said that he was robbed of 10-15 million euros

The ex-player of “Zenith” said that he was robbed of 10-15 million euros

MOSCOW, May 18. Former football player of St. Petersburg “Zenith” and Samara “Wings of the Soviets” Yoan Mollo accused his agents of fraud. Mollo, who plays in the fourth division of France for the Hyères club, said that his agents not only received their commissions, but also took part of his salary and took loans in his name at the bank, which he didn't know about. Also, according to Mollo, he was sold an invalid life insurance policy. In total, the football player estimates his losses at between 10 and 15 million euros. “When a lie is well composed with the help of the right people, it gives credibility to the story. For several years I have been manipulated by several people, banks, notaries. And every time I was close to discovering the truth, there was always a new play going on. People don't understand how I could trust someone who ended up betraying me. But when you work with him for ten years, when that person eats at your parents' table , kisses your nephews, of course you believe,” Mollo said, quoted by with reference to CARRÉ. they did. I often wake up at night, I can’t sleep. My happiness lies in my family. Money has never ruled my life, but I made sacrifices. This money was not even for me, but for my family, so that everyone would be happy, ” – added and grok.Mollo was a player of “Wings of the Soviets” in 2015-2017 and 2018-2019, “Zenith” – in 2017.


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