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The expert explained why it is difficult for Europe to refuse Russian gas

Workers at a gas distribution station in Hungary. Archive photoMOSCOW, May 19.The desire of the West to abandon oil and gas from the Russian Federation is extremely difficult technically, so all talk on this topic is from the realm of hysteria, Alexander Shirov, director of the Institute for Economic Forecasting of the Russian Academy of Sciences, told RIA Novosti. etc., then all this is from the realm of hysteria. No matter what they say in Brussels, Europe is physically unable to refuse either our oil, let alone our gas. After all, some countries of the continent are 100% dependent on its supplies. Not to mention that abandoning Russian oil and gas is extremely difficult technically,” he said. According to him, in order to replace our Urals oil with another, they will need to technically rebuild a number of oil refineries. “Replacing Russian gas with liquefied natural gas (LNG) from other countries will also require not only other delivery channels, a different pipeline system, but also the construction of special regasification stations, where this LNG will be converted into ordinary gas,” said the director of the Institute for Economic Forecasting RAS.”That is, declaring the abandonment of our hydrocarbons is one thing, but putting it into practice is a completely different story, requiring new expensive investments and time to implement projects,” Shirov emphasized.Bulgaria debunks myths about Russian gas Explaining the behavior of the West, he added: “The West is really seething with anger: wave after wave of sanctions does not change the course of the Kremlin. Starting to impose anti-Russian sanctions, The West had hopes for a quick success, but it did not work out. The sanctions have become double-edged, they bring confusion and confusion to trade and economic relations throughout the world economy, where inflation is growing, food and electricity prices are rising, in the UK they even started talking about millions of citizens of the country who will not be able to afford even the most necessary things in the near future. This is what happens when politics, ideology put pressure on the economy,” Shirov concluded.


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