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China wins reputational victory over US loan, expert says

Chinese Consulate General in Houston. File photoMOSCOW, May 20The possible US appeal to Beijing for a loan to supply arms to Ukraine will be a reputational victory for China, but this step will not harm the American economy, which is already living in debt, says the director of the Institute of Strategic estimates and Deputy Chairman of the Russia-USA Association Sergey Oznobishchev. Earlier, US Senator Rand Paul suggested in an interview with the Breitbart portal that the US would have to borrow money from China in order to transfer a record $40 billion aid package to Ukraine.China announced a split within NATO”China is pursuing a very wise policy aimed at the long term. China's influence in the world is growing inexorably. China is conquering countries and continents. If now If he gives money to America, then this will be another conquest for the Chinese economy and its global reputation,” the expert said in a commentary to RIA Novosti. He added that then the United States has long been living in debt, but this “does not mean life with restrictions.” In this context, if the United States takes a loan for the supply of weapons to Ukraine, then this will not significantly affect the American economy. “It does not represent anything critical for the American economy,” Oznobishchev notes. However, the key is precisely the possible addressee of such an application – China. In general, as the expert notes, Senator Paul's statements “are not the ultimate truth.” “He is a people's choice, not an official,” the expert concluded.China urged not to force countries to choose a side in the conflict in Ukraine


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