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Embassy in London reacts to allegations of food crisis

Russian embassy building in London. File photoLONDON, May 20.The accusations against Russia of creating a threat of a food crisis have nothing to do with reality, the Russian Embassy in London said in a comment. Earlier, UN Secretary General António Guterres called on Russia to allow safe and reliable grain exports from Ukrainian ports. On Monday, the Wall Street Journal, citing diplomatic sources, reported that the UN Secretary General is asking Moscow not to impede the exit of grain cargoes from the Black Sea ports of Ukraine, and in return promises to help ease sanctions against fertilizers from Russia and Belarus.The West prohibits feeding the starving world with totalitarian grain from RussiaPress Secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the idea of ​​easing restrictions on the export of fertilizers from the Russian Federation for the passage of ships with grain from Ukraine, recalled that the ports there are mined, which is dangerous for shipping. that it poses a threat of a global food crisis by not releasing grain ships from Odessa and other Ukrainian ports has nothing to do with reality.The situation in the Black Sea is the focus of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), based here in London. “According to the information of the IMO secretariat, there were 94 ships and about 2,000 crew members in the ports of Ukraine at the time of the start of the special military operation. Now 84 ships are blocked there and about 200 crew members remain to support the ships. Blocked ships and their crews simply cannot leave Ukrainian ports.” , – noted in the diplomatic mission. They recalled that Russia at the end of March, it created a humanitarian corridor in the Black Sea for the exit of ships from the ports of Ukraine, but according to available data, not a single ship could use the corridor, although notifications of the corresponding intentions were received both by the competent authorities of Russia and Ukraine (for example, with regard to of the Hong Kong vessel Joseph Schulte).Nebenzya admitted that Ukraine is paying for the supply of weapons with grain “To use this corridor, the participation of all parties involved is necessary. However, the Ukrainian side has consistently made it clear that it does not plan to take significant actions to ensure its section of the security corridor. In all ports of Ukraine, the declared by Ukraine in accordance with the International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities, the highest “security level 3″. This measure means a ban on the entry and exit of merchant ships from the ports of Ukraine,” the Russian embassy said in a statement. In addition, the Ukrainian military mined the ports and adjacent water areas , while there are no maps of deployed sea mines, the diplomatic mission added. “For some time, the Ukrainian delegation to the IMO claimed that all the mines in the Black Sea are Russian. Only during the briefing of the IMO Secretary General on April 12, the Ukrainian delegate confirmed the intentional mining of their own ports. In addition to mines, barges, cranes and other overall In fact, civilian ships and their crews blocked in the ports of Ukraine are hostages of the Kyiv regime and act as a “human shield,” the embassy explained. Seas of Azov: “The Russian military could start demining the ports. However, Kyiv avoids any interaction in every possible way, including with shipowners to resolve the issue of the safe exit of ships to the assembly area to the humanitarian corridor. Obviously, in the absence of a solution to this main issue, there is no need to talk about the export of Ukrainian grain by sea,” the diplomatic mission concluded. number of people in the world at risk of hunger


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