GENERICO.ruWorldThe Czech Republic said that the EU agreed to circumvent sanctions for the sake of Russian gas

The Czech Republic said that the EU agreed to circumvent sanctions for the sake of Russian gas

Gas pipeline. Archive photoMOSCOW, May 21.European countries have agreed to circumvent their own sanctions imposed against Moscow by buying Russian gas for rubles, Czech journalist Jan Makhachek said in a column for Lidovdsky. almost all European countries. “The reality is that we pay for Russian gas in rubles. And by changing our own currencies to Russian in a Russian bank in our name or the name of our companies, we bypass the sanctions that we ourselves adopted with great political pomp,” Mahachek wrote. As the journalist emphasized, payments are made strictly according to the scheme prescribed by Moscow, and, in his opinion, European politicians “shamelessly lied” to their voters, stating that they would not accept the new system of paying for Russian gas.Hungarian Foreign Minister: the country's economy without Russian gas will be destroyed President Vladimir Putin clarified that the refusal to operate in the Russian currency would be considered as a default on the obligations under the contracts. Since April 27, Gazprom has suspended fuel exports to Bulgaria and Poland due to non-payment. At the same time, the company warned that it would reduce transit to other countries if Sofia and Warsaw began illegal fuel sampling. After the start of the Russian special operation to demilitarize and denazify Ukraine, the West increased sanctions pressure on Moscow. Many countries have announced the freezing of Russian assets, and calls to abandon energy sources have become louder. All this has already turned into problems for the US and Europe, provoking an increase in fuel and food prices. 05/3ec4ce247c678634a1888f9cc98abcd2.jpg” />Poland admitted that the transfer of gas payments into rubles was a success for Russia


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