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RAS expert called Biden's words about North Korea's nuclear tests predictable

North Korean missile launch broadcast in Seoul. File photoMOSCOW, May 22.US President Joe Biden's statements following his visit to South Korea that the United States is ready for any action by the DPRK are not new, the reaction to possible nuclear tests in North Korea is quite predictable – the tightening of sanctions pressure, the head said in a commentary to RIA Novosti Department of Korea and Mongolia of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Vorontsov. “Biden says that he is ready for anything. Let's assume that such a test will take place, although this is not a fact. The reaction of the Security Council (UN) is generally understandable: there will be a unanimous condemnation. And everything is clear further: the Americans and their allies will insist on new sanctions,” the expert said.South Korea and the United States will develop cooperation in the field of nuclear energyAccording to him, “China and Russia have expressed that the potential of sanctions against the DPRK has already been completely exhausted. The sanctions have shown that they do not work, they are not able to fulfill the main task, that is, to contain, stop the development of the DPRK's nuclear missile programs.” Vorontsov also stressed that Russia and China drew the attention of the world community to the fact that the DPRK had for three years observed a moratorium on nuclear tests, concluded verbally with the Trump administration, and also destroyed its nuclear test site. It was proposed to gradually ease the sanctions pressure. “North Korea really showed restraint, the Security Council (UN) refused to see all this and refused to use any motivational elements and calls for restraint. That is, both the United States and its allies demonstrated on all terms that they use the sanctions tool as the only and permanent one, that is, “sanctions forever,” the expert added.According to Vorontsov, the DPRK has been eyeing the current Biden administration for a year. conclusion that no positive changes are planned with the Biden administration, hopes for a serious meaningful dialogue are unfounded. What North Korea calls “US hostile policy” is serious and for a long time, so the DPRK no longer considers it possible to unilaterally observe this moratorium. “Summarizing the significance of the US President's visit to South Korea, he added that on the issue of bilateral and Seoul “it is planned to conduct joint maneuvers with South Korea, it is possible to deploy additional US strategic weapons on the Korean Peninsula and in the region as a whole.” Korea once again demanded that the DPRK stop weapons testing


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