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U.S. infant formula maker Abbott apologizes for shortages

Customers in a grocery store on Mount Prospect, Illinois, USA. File photoWASHINGTON, May 22 Abbott CEO Robert Ford apologized to American families for shortages of infant formula after the company had to withdraw a large batch of products from sale due to regulatory concerns about contamination of the production lines with disease-causing bacteria. “We apologize to every family that has been let down by exacerbating the country's infant formula shortage by voluntarily recalling (products – ed.)” Ford wrote in a commentary for the Washington Post. U.S. may bring in scarce baby food by military aircraftThe company believes the recall is the right decision because it does not want to risk the health of children.Formerly US President Joe Biden said he had signed a law that, against the backdrop of a shortage of baby food in the country, would make it easier for low-income women to obtain the necessary infant formula. The shortfall, estimated at 40-50% of what the US market needs, arose from a recall of large batches of milk formula after regulators suspected contamination of Abbott's production line with disease-causing bacteria.The United States faces a shortage of infant formula


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