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US ambassador summoned to Turkish Foreign Ministry, source says

View of the city of Ankara. Archival photo ANKARA, May 22. US Ambassador to Ankara Jeff Flake was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry, he was complained about the position of the diplomatic mission on Friday's rally in Istanbul, a diplomatic source told RIA Novosti. In Istanbul On Friday, an opposition rally was organized by the largest opposition Republican People's Party (CHP). The US Embassy in Turkey issued a warning to its citizens ahead of the rally, emphasizing that Turkish law enforcement agencies could allegedly act harshly. dissatisfaction with the US Embassy's warning ahead of the rally held yesterday (May 21) in Istanbul was conveyed to US Ambassador Jeff Flake, who was summoned to the Turkish Foreign Ministry today (May 22). received by Turkish security units at such rallies, dissatisfaction was expressed about this,” the source said. communication is an important issue in Turkey, where rallies are a long tradition of democracy. it was also stated that Ankara expects that in the future the US authorities will issue travel/demonstration warnings to its citizens based on the facts,” the RIA Novosti source added. .jpg” />The United States called for exclusion of Turkey from NATO


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