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Vice-governor of St. Petersburg Sokolov will head AvtoVAZ

SAMARA, May 21. Vice Governor of St. Petersburg Maxim Sokolov will head AvtoVAZ, Governor of the Samara region Dmitry Azarov told RIA Novosti. Earlier, a RIA Novosti source in the transport sector reported that Sokolov was leaving the post of vice-governor of St. Petersburg and could be appointed head of AvtoVAZ.May 17, 18:42Manturov told how Renault handed over the plant to the Moscow authorities”Decisions were made at the highest level, and consultations were held for more than one day, including with me. The decision was made. Maxim Yuryevich Sokolov is a man with colossal managerial experience, including in the government of the Russian Federation, will head AvtoVAZ, and I welcome this decision,” Azarov said. The head of the region added that he had known Sokolov for many years, who had been to the Samara region more than once. throughout all these years in various positions ties and statuses, and always maintained good and human relations. Our working interaction was constructive. Therefore, I can confidently say that interaction with the regional authorities of AvtoVAZ will reach a new level … I am sure that by joining forces with Maxim Yuryevich, the management team of AvtoVAZ and, most importantly, with the workforce of the enterprise, we will be able to overcome all difficulties and achieve the best results in the near future,” Azarov said. year


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