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Italy plans to send more than 800 troops to Bulgaria to strengthen NATO

NATO logo. File photoROME, May 23Italy will send more than 800 troops to Bulgaria as part of strengthening NATO forces, Bulgarian Prime Minister Kiril Petkov said on Monday after a meeting in Rome with Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. “We have absolute support from Mario Draghi and the government, and the fact that Italy is sending more than 800 people to the NATO battalion shows this well,” Petkov told reporters. Speaking last week with an information message on the situation in Ukraine in the Italian parliament, Draghi said, that in the medium term, Rome intends to send 250 and 750 people to Hungary and Bulgaria, respectively, as part of strengthening the eastern flank of NATO. In addition, he promised to consider the possibility of supporting Romania in the demining of the Black Sea, as well as Slovakia in the field of air defense. The Prime Minister then recalled that by decision of the Allied Command in Europe, the eastern flank of the alliance was strengthened, and Italy's contribution to this already amounted to 2,500 troops. NATO has fallen into a trap that will seriously weaken the alliance, writes NI