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Russia ranks second in Europe in terms of cheap gas for the population

Compressor station . Archival photoMOSCOW, May 23.Russia ranked second in the ranking of countries in terms of cheap gas for the population, Kazakhstan ranked first, and Belarus ranked third, according to a RIA Novosti study *. To assess the cost of gas for the population, RIA Rating experts analyzed the prices for blue fuel in terms of rubles. The availability of gas for the end consumer is determined not only by its cost, but also by the level of income of citizens.00:10InfographicRanking of countries by availability of natural gas for the population Analysts note that the volume of available gas and prices given by them are an estimate of the average level for the population and are given for comparison based on official tariffs and statistics. Therefore, the indicators may differ in each specific case, depending on the amount of earnings, place of residence within the state, the volume of gas consumption by the family, the presence of gas stoves, and other things. The cheapest gas in Kazakhstan In Kazakhstan, in terms of Russian currency, gas costs 4.1 rubles per cubic meter . In second place is Russia with a price of 6.7 rubles per cubic meter. The third place is occupied by Belarus, where gas is three rubles more expensive than in Russia. Turkey and Hungary are also in the top five for the cheapest gas. “They will pay more.” Expert on Finland's refusal from RF gasScandinavia is among the leaders in terms of high costThe most expensive gas in Europe is bought by residents of Scandinavia – Sweden and Denmark, they pay a little less for it in the Netherlands and Spain.

In Sweden, in terms of the Russian currency, a cubic meter of blue fuel will cost 137 rubles. In Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain, a cubic meter of gas costs more than 80 rubles. Growth throughout Europe The cost of blue fuel in 2021 increased almost throughout Europe, 26 countries, with the biggest increase in Bulgaria, Greece and Moldova, analysts say. “The most significant price increase in Bulgaria (more than twice), Greece (+95.9%) and Moldova (+84.7%),” the study says. Prices increased by more than 35% in 11 states. In Russia, blue fuel has risen in price by 2.6%, which is below inflation. The cost of natural gas decreased in six countries, the most significant of which was in Slovakia (-11.8%), the Czech Republic (-5%) and Belarus (-2%). Gas prices will remain high Gas prices in Europe until the end of 2022 will remain above the multi-year average, a significant increase in demand is expected during the period of gas injection into underground storage facilities (UGS), the authors of the study predict.The expert called the EU statements about the rejection of Russian oil and gas populism”In 2022, the situation in the European gas market will continue to be tense, as stocks in storage facilities by the end of the heating season were at a record low level. In this regard, a significant increase is expected demand during the period of gas injection into UGS facilities. At the same time, prices by the end of the year are likely to be significantly higher than the average multi-year level,” the rating says.

Consequently, the availability of gas for European citizens will at least not increase. At the same time, in Russia, where the price of gas is regulated by the government, its growth will be small. Taking into account the dynamics of wages, it can be assumed that the availability of gas for Russians will not decrease, the study specifies. Unprecedented growth The European gas market in 2021 experienced an unprecedented price increase, which in some countries led to an acute energy crisis. The average price of gas on the region’s largest stock exchange, the Dutch TTF, has increased more than five times over the year and in 2021 amounted to $573.9 per thousand cubic meters. At the same time, in December, the price exceeded $2,000 for a couple of days, which at that time was a historical record.

One of the reasons for the price increase was the temperature factor, since in the first quarter of 2021 the temperature in Europe was much lower than in 2020. In addition, due to the decrease in gas production in the Netherlands and Norway, as well as the outflow of liquefied natural gas from Europe to Asia, the market began to experience a shortage of gas during the period of active filling of gas storage facilities. At the same time, due to low-wind weather, there was a decrease in electricity generation at wind farms. Finally, in 2021, prices for CO2 emissions rose to a record level, which forced consumers to replace coal-fired generation with gas. *The rating was prepared by order of RIA Novosti by RIA Rating specialists. 6b65b5b37f823030ded66c94cd428fcb.jpg” />France acknowledged the absence of alternatives to Russian gas in Europe


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