GENERICO.ruWorldThe Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced a new stage of testing the response forces

The Ministry of Defense of Belarus announced a new stage of testing the response forces

Special forces of the Belarusian army. Archive photoMINSK, May 23.The next stage of testing the reaction forces has begun in the Belarusian army, it is planned to check weapons and equipment, analyze its condition and carry out marches, the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Belarus said on Monday. , military and special equipment kept in long-term storage in military units for combat, logistics and technical support,” the ministry's Telegram channel said in a statement. It is noted that the check includes the removal of samples of weapons and equipment from storage and the implementation of a control run by them during marches of various lengths. To carry out these measures, the conscription of persons liable for military service is not envisaged, the press service specified. verification of the response forces, during which military units and subunits will have to work out the issues of putting on alert, marching to designated areas and performing combat training tasks. It was explained that the purpose of the audit was to assess the readiness and ability of personnel to quickly respond to the possible occurrence of crisis situations. The message of the Ministry of Defense emphasized that “the ongoing activities are one of the most effective forms of training troops and do not pose any threat either to the European community as a whole or to neighboring countries in particular.” On May 10, the country began the second stage of testing the army's reaction forces.Minsk took measures to protect sovereignty due to NATO forces near the borders


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