GENERICO.ruWorldEx-Pentagon employee: Biden threatens a war for which the United States is not ready

Ex-Pentagon employee: Biden threatens a war for which the United States is not ready

US MV-22 Osprey aircraft at the Futenma military base, Okinawa. File photoMOSCOW, May 25.Don't Poke the Dragon If You're Not Ready, Former U.S. Department of Defense Elbridge Colby Tells Fox News, Commenting on President Joe Biden's Recent Statement of Going to War With China Over Taiwan. Recently, the American leader said that The US is ready to “defend” Taiwan from China. At the same time, Biden avoided a direct answer to the question of whether the States were ready for this, and only said that this was their obligation. Host Tucker Carlson was indignant at the president’s statement and stressed that he regularly threatens war to other countries, primarily China and Russia. The journalist also recalled the “strategic ambiguity” in Washington's relations with Beijing, which the American side violated. Colby, in turn, called Biden's statement a mistake, but at the same time pointed out the need to protect Taiwan. At the same time, he urged to talk about it “quietly”. Speak quietly, but hold a big club in your hands. “And, as you noted, it's not that we have this big club,” the expert said. He was outraged that the president was “easily” talking about this. Colby urged “not to poke the dragon.” Carlson, in turn, pointed to the critical dependence of the United States on China – its network servers and industrial exports. “We should focus on preparation. <…> possible war with China in the coming years?” – Colby answered him. In his opinion, the military conflict with China is real and threatens to result in great sacrifices for the American army. The host said that the military command in the United States is more engaged in the policy of racial and gender diversity than in the preparation of the army.The US explained why the country would collapse in a new world war


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