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China accuses Pentagon of dangerous experiments with insects

US Department of Defense HeadquartersMOSCOW, May 26. Initiated six years ago, the American program, which conducts experiments on insects, carries a great danger, writes the Global Times.

“The Pentagon created a project in 2016 to combat possible food shortages” , the journalists said.A Chinese expert spoke about the causes of the conflict in UkraineIt is noted that American scientists intended to influence the crop with the help of insects: through them, modified genes were to be transmitted to plants. The US allocated $45 million for the project, the article says. However, scientists and experts have criticized these studies. They fear that such technologies can be used for aggressive purposes, for example, as a biological weapon, the authors point out. Thus, the words of the expert of the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Zhang Je, who said that there is a possibility of using insects as carriers of viruses deadly for plants.
Another expert added that the Pentagon's motives are not completely clear: is there really an intention to save humanity from starvation, or is the new technology, on the contrary, designed to provoke humanitarian disasters to solve certain military problems.

According to experts from the German Max Planck Institute, the Pentagon's insect use program may violate the UN Convention on Biological Weapons, journalists write.

The authors recall that the Pentagon already has extensive experience in the use of insects. In particular, such experiments were carried out in the 80s, and in 2014, an American research center near Tbilisi was equipped with a special department for the study of these living creatures, the material summarized.“They are destroying our nuclear missiles”. America has announced a new threat A network of more than 30 biological laboratories has been formed on the territory of Ukraine that worked in the interests of the Pentagon, Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, head of the Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense Forces of the Russian Armed Forces, said in March of this year. Everything for the continuation of the US military biological program has already been taken out of Ukraine after the start of the Russian special military operation, he said. recently Deputy Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Alexander Venediktov.


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