GENERICO.ruWorldBastrykin instructed to conduct a study of "combat drugs" of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Bastrykin instructed to conduct a study of “combat drugs” of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

MOSCOW, May 27. Chairman of the Russian Investigative Committee Alexander Bastrykin instructed to conduct research on “combat drugs”, which were taken by Ukrainian militants – probably their atrocities are related to drugs, the RF IC reports on Friday. The head of the department held an offsite operational meeting of the headquarters for investigating crimes committed by Ukrainian formations against civilians and Russian military personnel in the territory of the LPR, DPR and Ukraine in Mariupol. The Investigative Committee opened more than a thousand criminal cases on crimes in DonbasThe Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation added that interrogations of surrendered Ukrainian nationalists confirm that Ukrainian security forces have been stationed since the beginning of the special operation at firing positions equipped in residential buildings, schools, kindergartens. “Nazi atrocities against civilians are often caused by the intake of chemical substances tv to boost morale. In this regard, the head of the department instructed to conduct studies of drugs and, as part of the investigation, give a proper legal assessment of this information,” the release says.


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