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The Ministry of Defense told how the United States absorbs biological laboratories in different countries

Bacteriological laboratory. Archive photoMOSCOW, May 27.The Pentagon pretends to help various countries with plausible intentions in the fight against infectious diseases, and then absorbs their national developments and includes laboratories in its own global system, Igor Kirillov, head of the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces of the Russian Armed Forces, said at a briefing on Friday .”It should be noted that the deployment of such a network occurs according to a typical scenario. At the initial stage, the Americans express concern about the state of the epidemiological situation in the region. Further, it is ensured that officials, primarily the ministries of health, are interested, including material, in joint work, intergovernmental agreements are concluded “, – Kirillov said. Further, according to him, a biological facility is being built and connected to a unified biomonitoring system, and all the country's developments in the biological field become the property of the United States. Moreover, local specialists are beginning to experience restrictions on access to a number of studies, as well as their results. “At the same time, the US Department of Defense Threat Reduction Administration (DTRA) is actively implementing hardware and software systems for automated disease monitoring, as well as access control systems and the movement of pathogens. biological agents in places of their storage and research,” Kirillov said.Medvedev spoke about the threat of biolaboratories in UkraineThese information systems are being implemented as part of the “Biological Threat Reduction Program”. As a result, the Americans get the opportunity to ensure the safety of their military contingents in places of deployment, remotely monitor the activities of biological laboratories outside national jurisdiction and influence the biological situation around the world, the lieutenant general believes. He specified that the research institute of the Ground Forces is the basic part of the network. named after Walter Reed in Maryland. The network has been formed by the Pentagon since 1997. It includes laboratories of the ground forces and naval forces, as well as military bases located in various regions of the world, Kirillov added. Ukrainian biological laboratories, according to Kirillov, were also connected to the American system.


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