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Media: Biden is unhappy with the words of his ministers about the expectation of a victory for Ukraine

US President Joe Biden. File photoMOSCOW, June 16US President Joe Biden was dissatisfied with the statements of the Pentagon chief and Secretary of State that Washington wants Ukraine to win and Russia to weaken, NBC News reports, citing sources.

& #34;Biden thought the ministers had gone too far. <…> In a previously unpublished conference call with Austin flying to Germany and Blinken to Washington, the US President expressed concern that their comments could raise unrealistic expectations and increase the risk of a direct US conflict with Russia. He told them to tone down", — according to the material on the channel's website.

According to the source, Biden did not like the rhetoric of the ministers. “Biden was not happy when Blinken and Austin talked about the victory of Ukraine,” the TV channel leads source.Chinese compare Biden to a village headman “unexpected early gains by Ukrainian forces”, the conflict will eventually move in the direction it is now, two months later, a protracted conflict “in which Russia continues to make small and sustained gains.” In April, the head of the Pentagon Lloyd Austin has said that the United States wants Russia to be weakened so that Moscow cannot take the same actions as in Ukraine. He also stated that Kyiv needs the help of the West to “win today.” U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, according to the TV channel, also publicly supported these statements.