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Maxim Druzhinin, detained in the case of the attempt on Solovyov, spoke about the beatings during the search

One of the suspects in the case of the assassination attempt on TV presenter Vladimir Solovyov, 32-year-old Maxim Druzhinin, after his arrest, reported being beaten during his arrest. His defender Svetlana Sidorkina told about this “Mediazone”.

Druzhinin's complaint, which Sidorkina sent to the UK, says that during a meeting with the detainee, she herself saw hematomas on his body, the members of the PMC who visited the detainee also noticed injuries.

Druzhinin said that during the search he was beaten by masked special forces, including with brass knuckles, demanding confessions “in actions that he did not commit.” According to the detainee, the operatives planted “bottles with a clear liquid and an object that looked like a grenade” on him.

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In addition, PMC member Eva Merkacheva, who visited the detainees in the detention center at Petrovka 38 on April 29, told Mediazona that one of them complained of feeling unwell due to lack of medicine.

“A guy with a serious psychiatric diagnosis, he took pills three times a day outside. He began to tremor. He said that he had poor orientation in space. We asked him to call an ambulance for psychiatric help, which would look at what drugs he had previously taken and give him something. Then we left, an ambulance was called, ”Merkacheva explained.

She did not name the person involved, but among the detainees there are two people who were serving compulsory treatment in a psychiatric hospital – these are Andrey Pronsky and Vasily Strizhakov.

On April 25, the Investigative Committee reported on the detention of six members of the National Socialism/White group Power”, who, according to the investigation, wanted to blow up Solovyov’s car. They are suspected of preparing to kill a person in connection with his official activities by a group of persons for hire in a generally dangerous way (Part 1 of Article 30; paragraphs “b”, “f”, “g” and “h” of Part 2 of Article 105 of the Criminal Code).

The next day, the Basmanny Court sent two defendants Vasily Strizhakov and Alexander Druzhinin to jail. On April 27, the same court arrested three more: Andrey Pronsky, Vladimir Belyakov and Vladimir Stepanov, and on June 6, Timofei Mokiy. With the exception of Druzhinin, all of them had previous convictions, including for racist violence.

Druzhinin lived in Khotkovo near Moscow and worked as a painter at Russian Railways. According to the Belaya Mast telegram channel, he “just loved prison and thieves' romance,” therefore, “went free in a prison uniform for the sake of intoxication, for fun.”

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