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Ufimka again reported to the police against her neighbor with an anti-war position; for the first time the girl was fined 15 thousand rubles

Artist Elena Safonova from Ufa again turned to the police with a complaint against her neighbor, a single mother, Regina Ibragimova, because of her post on Instagram on February 25. The girl told Mkset about this.

According to Ibragimova, she was summoned to the police department, where they took explanations from her, but they did not draw up a protocol. Ufimka asked to be critical of Safonova's statements, because the woman “is in conflict with the whole house and constantly writes complaints.” The policemen told Ibragimova that they would not be able to check the information, since “the [Instagram] network is prohibited in the country.”

Article« He will not be able to raise a patriot of the Motherland. In Ufa, a single mother was fined because of anti-war drawings on the window – she was reported by a neighbor

Earlier, because of Safonova’s complaint, a Ufa woman was fined 15 thousand rubles under the article on “discrediting” the army (Article 20.3.3 of the Code of Administrative Offenses ). The reason for the protocol was two drawings with the Ukrainian flag and the words “No to war”, which Ibragimova pasted on the window on the morning of February 25.

In addition, the artist sent an appeal to the children's rights commissioner in Bashkiria. In the complaint, the woman claimed that her neighbor “won't be able to raise a patriot of her Motherland, she herself is also disloyal to the state in such a crucial period.” According to Safonova, Ibragimova drew anti-war posters together with her son, “that is, she dictated to him and hammered her principles into his head, which further aggravates the guilt of this citizen as a mother raising a new generation of Russia.”

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