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The hacker learned about the information and psychological operations of Ukraine in Russia

Ukrainian military man. File photoMOSCOW, June 23The Ukrainian 72nd Center for Information and Psychological Operations (TsIPSO) worked against Russia for several years, even before February 24 it was evacuated from Brovary (Kyiv region), the hacker RaHDIt told RIA Novosti on condition of anonymity. According to him, in total, four similar center: 72nd, this is the main center, which was located in the city of Brovary, Kyiv region, the 83rd center is located in Odessa, the 74th – in Lviv and the 16th – in the Zhytomyr region. “For several years, the 72nd center carried out information operations on the territory of Russia, and not only in the regions bordering Ukraine, on the territory of large cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, the Far East, Abakan (Khakassia).We saw this from the same documents that were received by our friends from the Ukrainian women's group “Beregini,” the hacker said. He emphasized that the specialists of this center are well trained, and they have a lot of people – more than 150 people worked in the 72nd center.The hacker spoke about the disagreements between Zelensky's office and the VSU. There is evidence that foreign specialists came to train employees in Ukraine. They recruited a lot of young people – they tried to hire employees with knowledge of computer technology, foreign languages, social engineering specialists, the agency's interlocutor noted. “Where they are now, we don't know yet, but we will definitely find them. Early in the morning on February 24, a missile attack was carried out on the building of the 72nd center in Brovary. But, unfortunately, as the Beregini group found out, by that time they were in There were no Brovaras. They were evacuated somewhere. We will look,” the Russian hacker said. Patriotism in Ukrainian “I will cut Rusnya!” These words in a video filmed in 2015 are shouted out in a frenzy by a little Ukrainian girl. Behind her is a monitor with a swastika on the desktop. This is how patriotic education is understood in Ukraine. Its basis is hatred of Russians.

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