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LDPR does not plan any pseudounions, said Nilov

MOSCOW, Aug 5 Member of the LDPR Supreme Council Yaroslav Nilov said that the Liberal Democrats did not plan to unite with any political forces in the near future. Earlier, information appeared in Telegram channels that supposedly the Liberal Democratic Party, after the autumn elections, is waiting for a merger with small parties, including Rodina.

" "sources", which they will not tell. Numerous "informants" have just not predicted Santa Claus as our leader. And we chose the one we considered necessary: ​​the oldest deputy of the Liberal Democratic Party, Leonid Slutsky. As an informed Wangyu source, the elections will be the same: decent results and no dynamic pseudo-unions. Because for almost a third of a century of its existence, the party has never had a need for this", Nilov wrote in his Telegram channel.

At the same time, he noted that the party's supporters are now only closing ranks more tightly. “Because (Vladimir) Zhirinovsky is not only a legendary man, but also a powerful team that he brought up. And this team continues to build up the structure and ideological legacy that he left. The Liberal Democratic Party was, is and will be. Humble yourself already, opponents and “sources” , – the parliamentarian added.

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