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Nortug was hit by a car during training

MOSCOW, Aug 5 Two-time Olympic champion in cross-country skiing Norwegian Petter Nortug said that collided with a car while rollerskiing but escaped serious injury. The incident happened two weeks ago. Northug believes that he was running at a speed of 36 km per hour. After being hit by a car, he had to go to the emergency room. “I think I had something of a guardian angel back then. I broke my roller skis. The driver stopped abruptly, I flew over the car and landed on the pavement. But that's it, which I have to put up with.I had an examination in the emergency room.We came to the conclusion that I should sleep one night, and tomorrow I will be ready for training again.The driver stopped and was shocked.But I said that everyone is with me “Good. Then he called me “superman,” Nortug was quoted by NRK as saying.Nortug retired in December 2018. He won two golds, one silver and one bronze at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver. The 36-year-old Norwegian also has 13 golds. (record among men) and three silver medals of the world championships and two victories in the overall standings of the World Cup (2010, 2013).

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