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ZDF: Germany predicted “winter of rage” due to falling living standards

Flags on the building of the Bundestag in Berlin, GermanyMOSCOW, Aug 12 Germany expects winter the growth of aggressive protest moods due to a sharp drop in living standards associated, among other things, with the energy crisis gaining momentum. Stefan Kramer, President of the Thuringian Office for the Protection of the Constitution, shared this conclusion with the ZDF TV channel. According to the expert, the protests already taking place in the country are associated with several problems in society. “/>Europe wanted energy communism” Both the conflict in Ukraine, and the economic existential fear in connection with the energy crisis, and the general dissatisfaction with everything and everyone play an increasing role. Last but not least, the hot autumn. My colleague Müller from Brandenburg aptly said about the so-called winter of rage that people hope for. This is exactly what we are registering and observing now, “Kramer said. Among the problems that threaten Germany in the near future, Kramer called a shortage of gas, supply unemployment. The politician paid special attention to the impoverishment of the German middle class, which he considers a dangerous sign of a future aggravation of the protest situation in the country.

"The experience of recent months speaks of an increase in aggressiveness up to calls for violence. Therefore, we must be prepared for the fact that such a highly emotional and existential crisis situation will affect a large part of the population. Tafel food bank founder Sabina Werth in Berlin recently said that more and more middle-class people are turning into canteens and are now trying to get food here as customers because they can no longer afford to buy it. This is another alarming sign when even the so-called middle class is in a difficult situation and feels threatened", summed up Kramer.

Earlier, German Finance Minister Christian Lindner announced new compensations for citizens from January 1 in connection with rising gas and energy prices. The plans include the creation of a system of co-financing of housing costs due to the rise in the cost of utilities, as well as the appointment of new insurance payments aimed at helping people in difficult life situations.The German chancellor could be ruined by a connection with a banker


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