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Viner revealed the details of the holiday for the Averins on their birthday

MOSCOW, Aug 13 Sisters Dina and Arina Averina will celebrate their birthday at the training gathering in Sochi, said the head of the All-Russian Federation of Rhythmic Gymnastics (VFCG) and the head coach of the Russian national team Irina Viner. On Saturday, the multiple world and European champions turn 24 years old. “We are making a big holiday for the whole team, the whole team will congratulate them, there will be music , and we will celebrate their birthday. What will I give them? A secret! Of course, love and light, “said Viner. According to Viner, the Averins have only just begun to show the gymnastics that she wanted to see. “I want to wish them that their health and mood remain the same as they are now. They are now real stars, and it’s just a pleasure to work with them. To be honest, I have about 30 children in the gym, young talented girls, but Dina and Arina is a tower that is very, very difficult to climb. And only now they show that rhythmic gymnastics that I love, which I always try to instill in children – this is grace, emotions, femininity, strength. And, of course, “Higher, faster and stronger,” said the head of the federation. Earlier, the gymnasts said that they would end their careers if the Russians were not allowed to participate in the 2024 Games. “In fact, I can say that 24 years old does not suit them at all. In their minds, they are 24 years old, yes. And in appearance and preparation they are 18 years old! God forbid that this is preserved. There will be an Olympics, there won't be one, they show class,” Wiener summed up.


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