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Media: the lawyer confirmed in writing that Trump did not have secret documents

Donald Trump. File photoWASHINGTON, Aug 13A lawyer for former US President Donald Trump signed a statement in June stating that the politician had returned all classified documents, according to the New York Times. -a-Lago were returned to the government,” the publication reports. As noted in the report, the presence of such a statement could cause law enforcement officers to conclude that Trump is not fully open with the investigation on this matter, and also, possibly, explains the criminal articles, based on who had been issued a search warrant. The Justice Department also had CCTV footage from the Trump estate, which raised concerns that the documents were being mishandled, the report said. FBI investigation could result in jail time for Trump, media writes Trump's estate and an inventory of seized property. As follows from the documents, the search warrant was approved by the court on the afternoon of August 5, the court allowed the entire territory of the estate to be explored. The court, as follows from the documents, was guided, among other things, by the article of the US Code on the “collection, transfer or loss of defense information.” The list of confiscated items includes boxes with documents, notes, photographs and top secret papers. Punishment under the article on sensitive information referred to in the document by the court may be a fine or imprisonment for up to ten years, under the article on the destruction or falsification of documents – up to 20 years in prison.


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