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WBC opposes admission of transgender athletes

MOSCOW, Aug 15 The World Boxing Council (WBC) did not allow athletes – transgender people to compete in the new set of rules published on the organization's website. It is noted that the WBC recognizes the rights of transgender people and will protect them, but at the same time stands for fair competition. The rules state that an athlete who changed their gender from male to female has already gone through puberty and has a masculine musculature and bone structure, which is why such an athlete will have an advantage over women, despite equal or lower testosterone levels. For the same reasons, men who perform in the same category as transgender people who changed their gender from female to male will have an advantage. In addition, the WBC emphasizes that boxing and contact martial arts are traumatic sports, as a result of which such an advantage can lead to serious injuries, including death. World Athletics Association (World Athletics) Sebastian Coe. The International Football Federation (FIFA) is also planning to review its policy regarding the admission of transgender people. In Germany, on June 23, transgender football players were allowed to choose their own team, regardless of gender. The Rugby Union of England has issued a recommendation to ban transgender athletes from competing in women's competitions.


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