GENERICO.ruWorldThe authorities of the Chinese city bordering with Russia imposed a lockdown

The authorities of the Chinese city bordering with Russia imposed a lockdown

Manzhouli checkpoint on the Chinese-Russian border. File photoBEIJING, Aug 17 Authorities in the city of Manchuria in China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region on the border with Russia have imposed a lockdown since Tuesday evening due to one confirmed case of coronavirus infection, according to a statement from the local government. The government Manchuria on Wednesday reported that one case of COVID-19 infection was detected during PCR testing in the city on August 16, after which experts began an epidemiological investigation to identify close contacts.China has changed the rules for foreign flights infected with COVID-19С 23.00 (18.00 Moscow time) On August 16, the city authorities launched an anti-epidemiological mechanism to prevent the spread of the disease, which provides for a complete blocking of the residential complex where an infected person was detected, all residents are forbidden to leave their apartments. In the rest of the residential complexes, strict control and management has been introduced, and you should not leave the territory of residential complexes without special need. Public transport, including regular buses and taxis, has been temporarily suspended in the city, flights from Xijiao Airport have been canceled. Control has been introduced on all roads, entrances and exits from the city, leaving the city and entering it is temporarily prohibited by any means of transport. Only special vehicles involved in anti-epidemic work and supplying the city can leave and enter the city. Tourist attractions, shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, baths, Internet cafes, cinemas, gyms have been temporarily suspended, construction sites and woodworking enterprises have suspended work. Grocery stores, pharmacies and medical facilities continue to work.In China, 80,000 tourists are stuck in the Hainan resort due to the COVID outbreak. Temples, educational institutions, government agencies are closed, and visitors are temporarily stopped in prisons and nursing homes. The authorities ordered the cancellation of all banquets, the postponement of weddings, and mourning ceremonies should be short and small. From August 17, all residents of the city are required to undergo three rounds of PCR testing. If any symptoms of the disease appear, it is necessary to promptly inform the house management so that they contact a specialized medical institution. The authorities urge not to hide the presence of symptoms and not self-medicate. How long the lockdown will last in a city with a population of more than 150 thousand people is still unknown. In recent weeks, large outbreaks of COVID-19 have occurred in different regions of China, the island resort province of Hainan and The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in the west of the country over the past day in China revealed 637 confirmed cases of infection and 2399 asymptomatic carriers. In total, 236,898 cases of coronavirus infection were detected in China during the pandemic, 5226 people died from the disease. -19


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