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Trump says FBI returned passports seized during search

WASHINGTON, Aug 17 his Florida estate searched his passport. “The DOJ and the FBI returned my passports,” Trump wrote on his Truth social network. US in Afghanistan because of BidenHe said that during the search, law enforcement officers behaved like criminals, grabbing everything that came to hand. “This should not happen in America,” Trump said. Earlier, Trump said that during the search, the FBI seized three of his passports, one of which had expired. Trump said last week that his Mar-a-Lago estate had been searched by FBI agents, preventing anyone, including lawyers, from attending the searches. U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland later said he personally authorized a lawsuit for a search warrant. A court in Florida later released a search warrant for Trump's estate and an inventory of seized property. As follows from the documents, the search warrant was approved by the court on the afternoon of August 5, the court allowed the entire territory of the estate to be explored. The court was guided, among other things, by the article of the US code on the “collection, transfer or loss of defense information.” The list of confiscated items includes boxes of documents, notes, photographs and top secret papers, of which, according to media reports, there were 11 sets. 2019 declassified intelligence on Twitter, media reported


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