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UK urges G7 countries to limit technology exports to China

British Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss. Archival photoMOSCOW, 17 Aug. British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, at a meeting with members of the Conservative Party in Belfast as part of the election campaign, said that the G7 countries need to be more careful in exporting technology to China so that it does not send them against the West in the future. “China is becoming more and more insistent. The country has an authoritarian regime , and this is a deep security concern for the UK and the rest of the world Liz Truss horrified the British Truss also added that the United Kingdom should take a closer partnership with the United States and Japan. In Britain, on July 20, the Conservative Party members of parliament held the fifth round of voting to elect the leader of the party, who will also become the country's prime minister. As a result, two candidates reached the final of the election race – Foreign Minister Liz Truss and former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak. Liz Truss live In the last round, the winner of the two “finalists” will be chosen by all members of the party, which today are about 200 thousand. Voting will take place by mail. The results are expected to be announced on September 5, when Parliament resumes its work after a summer break. In total, 11 parliamentarians have previously announced their desire to run for the role of leader of the Conservatives and Prime Minister of Britain, nine of whom were eliminated at earlier stages. Boris Johnson, who replaced Theresa May as prime minister in 2019, announced on July 7 that he was stepping down as prime minister and leader of the British Conservative Party. “: London and Kyiv are blackmailing Washington


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