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“Crooks and amateurs”: Kanchelskis on the problems of the development of Russian football

KAZAN, Aug 18, by Vadim Kuznetsov. The development of Russian football is hindered by the dominance of amateurs, and the defeat of professional teams by amateurs in the Russian Cup confirms this, said former Russian national team player Andrey Kanchelskis. us, because 70-80 percent of football is run by crooks and amateurs. Our bloggers beat professionals. That's what progress has come to. This is a disaster! Where are your vaunted youth, whom you shout about on all channels? This is populism, not development of football. After the World Cup – 2018, football is over for us. Goodbye. We will play, but the level has dropped significantly. We will not develop with so many amateurs, but, apparently, the leaders are satisfied with this. We will fight and fight against it” Ka said. nchelskis. According to Kanchelskis, “Chertanovo” had no right to lose with a score of 0:3 to an amateur team. “Comparing these victories with sensations in the FA Cup is not worth it. There are no semi-professional teams and no bloggers. The guys there train every day and work, they have their own stadiums. We understand that there are not so many bloggers in these amateur teams, but in the same “Chertanovo” has training camps, there are daily trainings. It's a shame to lose 0:3, “said the former player of the Russian national team. “The youth had to go out and tear. You said that this is the best school, but where are the promising players? show one footballer, otherwise they hang noodles on their ears that everything is fine,” Kanchelskis added.


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