GENERICO.ruWorldResidents of the village near Energodar spoke about the consequences of the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Residents of the village near Energodar spoke about the consequences of the shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Ammunition at the shelling site in Donetsk. File photoENERGODAR (Zaporozhye region), Aug 17Massive artillery shelling from the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Ivanovka in the suburbs of Energodar destroyed a house, damaged a church and several residential buildings, residents of the village told RIA Novosti. , on the next one. People flew into the house. Everyone was sleeping. But everyone is alive, thank God. They also say that three shells were not found, which did not explode, “a resident of Ivanovka told RIA Novosti. According to the man, he lives with children and grandchildren and does not intends to leave his home under any circumstances. The building adjacent to his house was completely destroyed as a result of a direct hit by a shell, it belonged to an elderly couple and was empty at the time of the shelling.Detained Ukrainian gunners “behaved like schoolchildren,” authorities said An Ivanovka resident told the agency that one of the shells landed near the room where her 11-year-old son was sleeping. No one was hurt, as the shell dug into the ground and did not explode. The owners of the house called in Russian specialists to eliminate the projectile. In turn, the priest in the church in honor of the Holy Apostle and Evangelist John the Theologian told RIA Novosti that the shelling took place at about four in the morning, at that moment he spent the night in the church. “Now the roof must be covered, beaten all the slate. The windows from the side of the street are broken, temporarily sealed up. It is necessary to install double-glazed windows. Thank God, no one was hurt. There are few people walking, but we will continue to serve services, “said the clergyman. At the site of a shell explosion on the road a few meters from the entrance to the temple remained a deep funnel. Local residents threw tree branches at it so that passing cars could see it in advance. The armed forces of Ukraine continue to regularly shell Energodar, the surrounding villages and the territory of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant adjacent to the city. On Wednesday, at least six shells were fired at the area of ​​the nuclear power plant by the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the plant itself was not damaged. Energodar was also subjected to massive shelling.Kyiv and Washington discussed arms supplies, Kuleba said


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