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“Wagnerites” destroyed the stronghold of the Ukrainian military near Bakhmut

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SVETLODARSK (DPR), Aug 20RIA Novosti correspondents spent several days at the positions of the “Wagnerites” in the DPR and witnessed the destruction of the stronghold of the Ukrainian military on the outskirts of the city of Bakhmut. Ukraine, the Armed Forces of Ukraine. They leave them, they don’t take the bodies,” the Wagnerian points out the remains in Ukrainian uniform. “Families, relatives, friends, colleagues are not informed about the losses. so as not to pay compensation for the dead,” says the second. Bakhmut, or, as it is also called, Artemovsk, is defended by the elite formations of the Ukrainian army, but after the last battles, these units are on the verge of exhaustion. According to PMC fighters, Ukrainians cannot resist them in close combat, so they often surrender, but if the enemy resists, they are destroyed. RIA Novosti correspondents, having reached the forefront, were able to observe the battle. An infantry fighting vehicle moves into position and begins shelling the forest plantation where the Ukrainian military have set up their positions. Then a tank drives out into the field and also opens fire on their firing points. According to radio interception, it becomes clear that the enemy is waiting for a breakthrough in this sector of the front, so he sends reinforcements to the front line. Throughout the night, scouts from PMC “Wagner” monitor the movements of opponents, and in the morning a heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A “Solntsepek” arrives at the front line.August 18, 08:00 Special military operation in Ukraine “A very insidious weapon”. What did the fighters face on the front line near Donetsk? A package of rockets fired by Solntsepekom arranges a local “Armageddon” on an area of ​​several football fields. Soldiers of PMC “Wagner” correct the operation of the flamethrower machine from the quadrocopter. The first two shells hit the target, so the remaining 22 shells are fired after them in a minute. The result is that the target is hit, the enemy stronghold on the outskirts of the city of Bakhmut is completely destroyed. -9. “Today we worked on the enemy with the TOC system. The enemy was” pleased “,” applauded ” us. <…> they know the business,” explains the commander of the reconnaissance detachment of the Wagner PMC. According to him, by the evening they will move even closer to the settlement of Bakhmut. >How Ukraine is turning into a kamikaze state


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