GENERICO.ruSportPisarev told what brought the players of "Khimki" in the match with "Locomotive"

Pisarev told what brought the players of “Khimki” in the match with “Locomotive”

KHIMKI (Moscow region), 20 Aug, Sergey Fuks. Khimki football players ” in the match of the sixth round of the championship of Russia against the capital “Locomotive” the implementation failed, said the head coach of the team near Moscow Nikolay Pisarev. Russian Premier League (RPL)20 August 2022 • start at 15:00Finished /2022/08/64ebb72dc223bf1857872d4793bef22c.png” />KhimkiRussia0 : 3KhimkiRussia0 : 3 3. “We started the first half well, everything was good until the 20th minute, there were moments, but we conceded two goals, the second goal, which we conceded from a set piece, was especially offensive. It's a shame, because we talked about such situations all week. In the second half, due to the majority, we have a lot of chances, but there are questions for implementation. to go for a scheme with two defenders, it’s not easy, but we do it,” Pisarev told reporters. “Replacing Denis Glushakov in the 65th minute? We needed to play more aggressively, we released a fresher player to increase the pressure. We needed to win. Exit of Ilya Sadigov? He failed, like the whole team, because we didn't score a goal,” the coach concluded.


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