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The United States feared the threat of a new civil war

US flag. File photoMOSCOW, Aug 21Growing distrust of political institutions in the United States indicates that the country may be on the verge of a new internal conflict, according to an article in the British The Guardian. According to the publication, Dr. over the warnings about the coming American Civil War, calling them “crazy talk”. However, a survey conducted by the center in July, “stunned him.” It turned out that half of Americans expect a civil war in the next few years, and one in five US residents believe that political violence is justified in some circumstances. In addition, up to 40% of Americans said having a strong leader is more important than remaining a democracy.Most Americans disapprove of Biden's foreign policy, poll has shown. “Suddenly, Wintemute no longer seems insane to talk about violent civil conflict,” the newspaper emphasizes. According to the researcher himself, the surge in violent threats is compounded by rising arms sales. “What happens when you take a society that's getting more and more fearful for its future, more and more polarized, more and more angry with itself, and you throw in a bunch of weapons?” he asked. As civil conflict specialist Rachel Kleinfeld said in an interview with the publication, the political system in the United States does not guarantee that violent conflict cannot occur in the country. “If our institutions weaken, the story may be different,” she said. Kleinfeld indicated that the results of this poll are “alarming.” “You see three to five million Americans willing to harm other Americans for their political beliefs,” the expert explained. According to her, this suggests that the people of the United States “are very disappointed with our democracy and do not think that it works.” At the same time, she added that she was “not optimistic” on this issue. Last week, Fox News reported, citing its own poll, that three-quarters of Americans were not satisfied with the state of affairs in the country. This figure is up from 67% in May and from 53% in April last year. A new political crisis erupted in the United States


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