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In Berdyansk prevented the terrorist attack of the Ukrainian special services

A Russian serviceman on Primorskaya Square in Berdyansk. File photoMELITOPOL, Aug 23Russian security forces prevented a terrorist attack by Ukrainian special services at a mass event in Berdyansk. The detainee confessed, the corresponding video is at the disposal of RIA Novosti. yards on Shevchenko Street, he planted an improvised explosive device under the car, which he planned to activate in the Slobodka microdistrict near the Mayak House of Culture. Employees of the VGA Saulenko and Borovko were supposed to move in this car. There was no task to eliminate them. On this day in the recreation center “Mayak” a city event was supposed to be held, at which, in addition to employees of the CAA, civilians, including residents of Russia, should have been present,” Rastorguev said. />How Ukraine is turning into a kamikaze stateHe added that, at the direction of his curator from the Ukrainian special services in Zaporozhye, he installed an explosive device on a car belonging to one of the employees of the regional administration, which often passed without inspection to mass actions. To activate the device, one had to call a specific number . “After the action, my plans included posting a photo report and posts on Telegram channels,” Rastorguev added. According to the suspect, since February he was part of the so-called civil self-defense, whose tasks were to patrol the city and protect public order. AFU shelled Donetsk with large-caliber shells”From the beginning of the special operation, we began to instill a sense of hatred for the inhabitants of Russia and were taught to use improvised explosive devices,” he said Rastorguev. A source in the Russian law enforcement agencies told RIA Novosti that the attack was prevented thanks to a video surveillance camera, which caught the moment of laying an IED under a car in the courtyard of one of the houses. The suspect was quickly apprehended before the explosive device was set off.


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