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In China, the failed tactics of the West in Ukraine were revealed

Flags of Ukraine, the USA and the District of Columbia at the Capitol building in Washington. Archival photoMOSCOW, 23 Aug. Western countries, led by the United States, are unsuccessfully trying to present Ukraine as the “side of good”, but it looks absurd, writes the Chinese edition of The Global Times.

" wins over the strong", provoking some countries to confront the major powers and inventing a story about the struggle "justice against evil" in Ukraine in order to achieve the intended effect", the media notes.

The material emphasizes that the West's attempt to pass off Kyiv, which provoked the conflict, as a “guarantor of peace” and “the embodiment of justice” looks stupid. At the same time, Western leaders refused to discuss the topic of security guarantees for Ukraine. The tragedy of this approach, according to the publication, is that it does not take into account the interdependence that tightly binds all participants in international relations.The Chinese Foreign Ministry ridiculed Western democracy with a quote from Lenin “In the era of globalization, security phenomena and threats are inextricably linked. It is unreasonable to try to expand the space of one's own security to foreign borders and it is impossible to build security on the insecurity of others,” the media stated. At the end of last year, Russia published draft treaties with the United States and NATO on security assurances. Moscow, in particular, demanded legal guarantees of refraining from further expansion of the alliance to the east, from Ukraine joining it, and from establishing military bases in post-Soviet countries. It was also about the non-deployment of NATO strike weapons near the borders of Russia and the withdrawal of forces in Eastern Europe to the positions of 1997. At the end of January, Washington and Brussels sent written responses to these proposals to Moscow, but ignored the key conditions. Against the background of the Russian military special operation to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine, Finland and Sweden filed applications to NATO. Moscow regarded this as a formal step, but noted that the alliance has again approached the Russian borders and this may entail actual consequences. intelligence officer gave a sad forecast for NATO because of Ukraine


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