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Shoigu named the US target in Ukraine

American MLRS HIMARS. File photoTASHKENT, Aug 24 The conflict in Ukraine has become another pretext for the United States and its allies to unleash an economic and information war against Russia for the sake of strategic depletion of the country, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said at a meeting of SCO defense ministers on Wednesday. “Today, a tough sanctions and information war has been unleashed against Russia. And the conflict in Ukraine has become just another pretext for this. The stated goal of the United States and its accomplices is the strategic exhaustion of Russia to eliminate competition and warn other states pursuing an independent foreign policy,” said Shoigu.“This will equalize the chances.” What weapons did the Pentagon secretly transfer to Ukraine? At the same time, he noted that Russia was making “considerable efforts to form the legal foundations of stability in Europe in the new conditions.” “However, the West, led by Washington, refused to take into account our concerns about mutual security guarantees, primarily on neutral the status of Ukraine,” the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation said. According to him, fundamental questions for the Russian side were ignored – about the non-expansion of NATO to the east, the non-deployment of strike weapons and the renunciation of military activities near Russian borders. “As an instrument of a hybrid war against Russia, Ukraine,” Shoigu stated.


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