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Canada wants to transfer the remaining five turbines for Nord Stream to Germany

Section of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in Lubmin, Germany. File photoWASHINGTON, Aug 24 Ottawa plans to hand over five gas turbines for the Nord Stream gas pipeline to the Federal Republic of Germany, which are still being repaired in Montreal, Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly said in an interview with CBC. the decision we made. This is exactly what Germany asked us to do,” Joly specified. Germany predicts an energy collapse in winter due to the likely cessation of blue fuel supplies from Russia. Economy Minister Robert Habek and the head of the Federal Grid Agency, Klaus Müller, have repeatedly urged citizens to save electricity, water and heat. In addition, the whole of Europe is facing a serious shortage of fuel, since the main Russian highway, Nord Stream, operates at only 20 percent of its total capacity. Gazprom attributed this to inadequate maintenance and a delay in returning Siemens turbines from repairs. Now only one of the five engines is involved in the operation of the highway. Particular difficulty arose with the return of the turbine, which was being repaired in Canada. Due to the sanctions against Gazprom, local authorities issued a permit for its export only on July 10, but did not take into account the terms of the contract in it and sent the engine to Germany, and not to Russia. For further transportation, permissions from the EU authorities and London are needed. As the Russian embassy in Berlin emphasized earlier, the supply of a turbine for Nord Stream to Germany after repairs in Canada does not comply with the terms of the contract, Russia requires confirmation that it and other parts that require maintenance, will not become objects of restrictions from Canada, the UK and the EU.


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