GENERICO.ruSportThe Supreme Court refused Gazizov to recover 450 million rubles from Spartak

The Supreme Court refused Gazizov to recover 450 million rubles from Spartak

MOSCOW, August 25, Vasily Bogdanov.The Supreme Court of the Russian Federation refused the former general director of the Moscow “Spartak” Shamil Gazizov to recover 450 million rubles from the football club, said the lawyer of the “red-whites” Tatyana Zavyalova. Gazizov through the court demanded that Spartak return to the post of general director and pay compensation. He worked at the club from July to December 2020. “The whole story began with the fact that Capital Assets went to dispute the agreement between the former owner of Spartak Leonid Fedun and Gazizov. At first, the lawsuit was considered in the Moscow Arbitration Court, then it reached the cassation instance, and then to the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation. Everywhere Gazizov was denied, then he filed a complaint addressed to the chairman of the Supreme Court, but there was a refusal. In addition, the same path was taken on a lawsuit to recover 450 million rubles from Spartak “It so happened that on the same day the board of economic affairs also denied Gazizov satisfaction of his claims. In both cases, these were the last instances, so the story is closed. It was very important for us that both claims go all this way, because in In the process of litigation, the circumstances that were prescribed in the decisions were discovered,” Zavyalova said. “As for other lawsuits, the process of restoring Gazizov to work at Spart ake”. Here, too, he can go all the way to the Supreme Court, but the decision will most likely be similar. Also on September 20, the case will be considered on receipt, according to which 89 million rubles were recovered from Fedun, where the result is more difficult to predict. There is a lawsuit to recover 88 million from Gazizov in favor of Spartak, this is the money that he paid himself when he left the club. And we plan to file a lawsuit in the near future for about another 10 million as compensation for legal costs. Because of all these processes, I had to fly a lot to Ufa, the costs were impressive. As the winning party, we have every right to compensation,” the agency's interlocutor added.


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