GENERICO.ruWorldThe Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the "linguistic genocide" in Latvia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the “linguistic genocide” in Latvia

The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in Moscow. Archival photoMOSCOW, Aug 26Language genocide and humiliation of national minorities in Latvia have been elevated to the rank of state policy, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said. whom the Latvian authorities consider second-class people, have been elevated to the rank of state policy,” Zakharova said, commenting for the media on the plans of the Latvian authorities to ban the use of the Russian language in the workplace. jpg” />The Foreign Ministry responded to the calls of the President of Latvia to isolate disloyal RussiansAccording to her, such initiatives by the Latvian authorities, “going against the numerous recommendations of relevant international structures, have long become a shameful practice.” At the same time, Zakharova emphasized. that in Riga they ignore the recommendations of international institutions, planting in the country a “path of bicommunity”, which, in her opinion, leads to a split and an increase in tension in Latvian society. “Unfortunately, European” democratic “structures are bashfully silent,” she summed up. Death of the Motherland. What awaits Latvia after the destruction of Soviet monuments


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