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Khalili explained why he lost to Latypov at the finish line

SOCHI, August 27, Alexander Govorov. Biathlete of the Russian national team Karim Khalili said, that on the final lap in the pursuit race in Sochi, his lanyard from a stick was torn, which is why he did not succeed in the finishing segment. Khalili on Saturday took fourth place in the pursuit at the starting stage of the Commonwealth Cup in summer biathlon in Sochi, less than a second behind the finisher Eduard Latypov. The victory in the race was won by Alexey Vagin, the second was Petr Pashchenko. “The fight was great today. On the fourth lap, I increased the pace, because I wanted to fight not for fourth or fifth place, but for first. I decided not to pull, but to take risks. On the fifth lap of strength was not enough. And then the lanyard tore, I had to change the stick. As a result, at the finish line I had an uncomfortable lanyard that did not hold my hand normally. It was inconvenient to finish. Without this problem, I could have fought, especially if I hadn’t accelerated so much round four,” Khalili told reporters.


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