GENERICO.ruSportThe brother of the world champion went mad. Accuses the player of witchcraft and knocks out money

The brother of the world champion went mad. Accuses the player of witchcraft and knocks out money

Ivan OrekhovSport correspondentAll materialsA huge scandal in the family of the Juventus football player and the French national team Paul Pogba, in which even Kylian Mbappe was involved. The brother turned on his brother So, after Paul Pogba's complaint against his own older brother, a criminal case was opened in France on suspicion of extortion. As France Presse wrote, the 2018 world champion is being asked for 13 million euros in compensation for broken “business relations”. Allegedly, representatives of the criminal world protected the Frenchman in exchange for a small percentage of a multimillion-dollar salary – now the brother and the “guardian angels” began to resolve the issue with machine guns and taking out the midfielder against his will for a serious conversation. The elder brother goes on the offensive. Matthias Pogba has already accused the “coward” and “traitor” Paul of trying to bring damage to the main star of French football right now, Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappé. In the future, he is preparing a new exposure of the star of the “old señora” and his agent Rafael Pimente: “Kilian, now you understand? I have nothing against you – let my words serve for your good. They are true, everything is proven, everything is known about the sorcerer. I pity the brother who pretends to be a Muslim and is immersed in the world of witchcraft.Let people see that there is no greater coward, traitor and hypocrite on earth than you, Paul.”

Paul PogbaWhat we know about Matthias Pogba

  • 1One of the three Pogba brothers. Florentin was born on the same day as Matthias;
  • 2 All three are football players. And if Paul and Florentin are currently on contracts with the Italian grand and the Indian “Mohun Bagan”, respectively, then Mathias has been left without a club since this summer (he has been playing for the French “Belfort” since April);
  • 3Matias Pogba has played for more than ten clubs during his career. Among them are the Italian “Pescara” and the Spanish “Racing Murcia”;
  • 4He played five matches for the national team of Guinea;
  • 5Football player opened a barbershop in Paris, appears as a columnist in the TV program “Evening Team”.
  • Difficult stage of a career For a football player, skirmishes with his brother are now not at all in the box office. Paul Pogba has just returned to Juve from Manchester United and is doing everything he can to survive until the 2022 World Cup. There are three months before the world championship, and the damage to the lateral meniscus in the right knee does not disappear anywhere in the Frenchman (the player was injured after a sprain in training during the pre-season tour in Los Angeles). The problem can be compared to a time bomb. For the sake of a trip to the World Cup, Paul refused the operation and decided to rely on conservative treatment, which one day may not help … It is not known how the autumn matches in Serie A and the Champions League will affect the health of the athlete – extra nervous tension will definitely not benefit. By the way, the national team believes in one of the leaders of the team and counts on Pogba's help in Qatar. Paul and Matthias PogbaMagic outside of HogwartsIt's hard to surprise fans with cases about witchcraft/evil eye/curses in football. There were many such news. The greatest resonance was received by the news of the main sorcerer of Ghana, who, on the eve of the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, took responsibility for the injury of Portugal striker Cristiano Ronaldo. Footballer “Real” due to inflammation of the hamstring risked missing the world championship. What did the Ghana seek? Ideally: so that the winner of the Champions League of that season misses the World Cup. Well, or, at least, so that KriRo does not enter the group stage match against Ghana. Was the sorcerer's dance a success? You be the judge: Ronaldo performed at the World Cup, scored the winning goal in the match with Ghana. however, the Portuguese did not advance from Group G. The future winners of the tournament, the Germans and the US team, went to the playoffs.


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