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The head of the Norwegian Olympic Committee will discuss doping control with the authorities

MOSCOW, Aug 29 Norwegian Olympic Committee (NIF) President Berit Kjell together with representatives of the Norwegian Anti-Doping Agency on Thursday will meet with representatives of the country's Ministry of Culture and Gender Equality to discuss the issue of doping control of minors, according to the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation (NRK). NRK reported on August 19 that Norwegian sports authorities fear sanctions from the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA ) due to non-compliance with obligations under the International Anti-Doping Code. The case is in the local law on testing underage athletes from 15 to 18 years old, who cannot be tested for doping without parental consent. Because of this, over the past two years, not a single minor has been tested without warning of the visit of a representative of the anti-doping service. NRK later revealed that the NIF had been aware of the problems with the doping control of minors as early as May 2019. Kjell herself said that she learned about the consequences of the problem only in June of this year. Following this, the NIF approached the ministry with a request to amend the law. “We look forward to this meeting where we look forward to discussing solutions that will stand the test of time and ensure that Norway's anti-doping service is compliant,” Kjell said. Previously reported, that WADA may impose various sanctions on the Norwegian Anti-Doping Agency: from fines to deprivation of conformity status, due to which Norwegian athletes will not be able to compete in international competitions. In addition, Norway may ban the holding of world championships and the Olympic Games.


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