GENERICO.ruSportThe Italian runner who supported the Russians was attacked by the Ukrainians on the Web

The Italian runner who supported the Russians was attacked by the Ukrainians on the Web

KAZAN, August 29, Vadim Kuznetsov. Italian runner Federico Barucco said that did not encounter any negative attitude from other ultra-marathon participants in France after the support of Russian athletes, but received a lot of negative feedback from Ukrainian users of social networks. Barukko on Sunday supported Russian athletes at the finish of the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc ultra-marathon. He was in a uniform in the colors of the Russian flag and was holding a banner “Sport Without Borders.” “I did not meet athletes who would express their dissatisfaction with my act in an active form. The participants of the competition were divided into two groups: some supported me with words, while others they just kept silent and did not show their position. True, people from Ukraine asked me on social networks why I support Russia. They said that they considered me a good athlete, and now I disappointed them, “said Barukko. According to Barukko, he hopes that will not be punished by the federation, and his act will help to reconsider the attitude towards Russian athletes in the near future. “None of the representatives of the federation have contacted me personally yet, since the competitions had just ended, and they were busy organizing. But through my friend I found out that in the coming days they will talk to me in order to better understand the reasons for my statement.I am sure that we will have a good dialogue, and my position will help change the attitude towards the Russian m athletes and remove restrictions from them for the next year,” said the Italian runner.


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