GENERICO.ruRussiaThe Ministry of Defense reported that the mobilization does not provide for "restrictions on the movement of citizens"

The Ministry of Defense reported that the mobilization does not provide for “restrictions on the movement of citizens”

The Russian Ministry of Defense wrote in its Telegram channel that “under the conditions of <…> partial mobilization of restrictions on the movement of citizens is not envisaged.” The agency did not provide any other explanation.

After September 21, the military commissars of several regions issued decrees on mobilization. Some of them, for example, in the Samara region, introduce restrictions on leaving the country for military personnel in reserve or on leaving either a district or a region, as in Yakutia. Moscow did not begin to establish such bans.

Also, sources in the aviation industry today told The Bell that airports, including Moscow, received lists to be mobilized, according to which they are already checking men of military age leaving, and some are denied in exit. Later, the Roschino airport in Tyumen confirmed that it had received lists from the military registration and enlistment offices of those who were restricted from leaving the country.

With the start of “partial” mobilization, Russians began to leave the country en masse. Today, the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan reported about the transit of 40,000 Russians. From October 10, Kazakh border guards will begin to require foreign passports from Russian citizens entering Russia.

It is especially difficult to get to Georgia. The queue at the checkpoint in Upper Lars reached 2.5 thousand cars. As a result, Russian citizens were allowed to cross the border on foot. The Russian military, in turn, sent armored personnel carriers to the border in case “if the reservists want to break through the checkpoint.” mz-publish-context-cite__image” alt=”1″ />ArticleScooters, panic and jokes of border guards. What is happening at the Verkhny Lars checkpoint


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