GENERICO.ruWorldNATO conducted exercises in the emergency zone at Nord Stream in July, the Foreign Ministry said

NATO conducted exercises in the emergency zone at Nord Stream in July, the Foreign Ministry said

The location of the leak on the Nord Stream gas pipeline. File photoMOSCOW, Sep 29NATO conducted exercises using deep-water equipment in the zone where the incidents on the Nord Streams occurred, the region is simply “stuffed” with the military infrastructure of the alliance, said Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova. “And maybe NATO bases didn’t conduct exercises there, Were American soldiers stationed on the territory of neighboring countries? No? Is there nothing? … In July of this year, in the same place, in the area of ​​the island of Bornholm, this is Denmark, NATO exercises were conducted using deep-sea equipment, “Zakharova said at a briefing. stressed that this is an interesting “opportunity” from the point of view of NATO politicians. “On the whole, this region is simply stuffed with NATO military infrastructure,” Zakharova added. />Peskov admitted the involvement of a certain state in the emergency at the Nord Streams On Monday, incidents occurred immediately on two Russian export gas pipelines to Europe. According to information from the authorities of Denmark and Sweden, two gas leaks were discovered at Nord Stream and one at Nord Stream 2 near the island of Bornholm. Germany, Denmark and Sweden do not exclude targeted sabotage. The Russian side officially requested information from Denmark about the emergency at Nord Stream as soon as it became known about the incident. The Danish authorities notified the Russian Federation about the explosions at the site of the gas leak. The operator of Nord Stream, Nord Stream AG, reported that the emergency on gas pipelines is unprecedented, and it is impossible to estimate the timing of repairs. The work of Nord Stream has been suspended since the end of August due to problems with the repair of Siemens turbines caused by Western sanctions. However, the pipeline remained filled with gas. Nord Stream 2, completed in 2021 but never put into operation, was also already filled with gas. The Prosecutor General's Office of the Russian Federation initiated the initiation of a case on an act of international terrorism after the damage to the Nord Stream gas pipelines. First Deputy Representative of the Russian Federation to the UN Dmitry Polyansky said that an urgent meeting of the UN Security Council in connection with sabotage against the Nord Stream gas pipeline was scheduled for 22.00 Moscow time on Friday. />NATO considers leaks at Nord Stream as a result of sabotage


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