GENERICO.ruWorldThe German regulator announced the need for significant gas savings

The German regulator announced the need for significant gas savings

A pipeline designed to transport Russian gas to the EU. File photoBERLIN, Sep 29 Gas consumption in Germany rose well above the annual average last week, Klaus Müller, head of the Federal Network Agency, said on Thursday. consumption of previous years. This week's numbers are very sobering. Without savings in the private sector, it will also be difficult to avoid gas shortages in winter,” Muller said, quoted by the press service of the regulator.Emergency at Nord Stream: Europe prepares for the worst projects to increase gas imports”. Second, gas supplies to Germany's neighbors should also “remain stable.” And third, “gas needs to be saved, even if it gets even colder by winter,” Muller said. According to the agency, gas consumption by businesses and households in Germany rose to 483 GWh/week last week. The average level from 2018 to 2021 is 422 GWh/week, thus an increase of 14.5%. It is reported that cold weather settled in Germany last week, the thermometer fell lower than in the same period in the past four years. The Federal Network Agency assumes that in order to avoid gas shortages in winter, it is necessary to reduce consumption by 20%. forever and ever


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